All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are an important part of many Filipino families’ annual traditions, especially for the Catholics and Christians who make up more than 80% of the country’s population.

While All Saints’ Day is a special day to remember the saints in heaven, All Souls’ Day is a time for us to honor the memory of our dearly departed through prayer and other gestures.

According to, this is the main “purpose” of All Souls’ Day:

“On this day is observed the commemoration of the faithful departed, in which our common and pious Mother the Church, immediately after having endeavored to celebrate by worthy praise all her children who already rejoice in heaven, strives to aid by her powerful intercession with Christ, her Lord and Spouse, all those who still groan in purgatory, so that they may join as soon as possible the inhabitants of the heavenly city.” - Roman Martyrology

Here in the Philippines, it is also a time for relatives and friends to gather together. Thus, it is an occasion for teaching not just the value of prayer to our children but also to strengthen relationships with others, especially with our own family members.

Below are some ideas for making your family’s commemoration of All Souls’ Day more meaningful: {Head over to for the rest of this post — thanks for reading!} 

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For us Catholics, All Saints’ Day is a truly special occasion. More than just a holiday, i.e. a “day off” from work, which usually translates to long weekends and extra time with loved ones, it is a “holy-day” too, a time to remember the Saints and all their good works.

When I was a child growing up in Brunei though, All Saints’ Day was not really a big thing for our family. We were “nominal” Catholics at the time, and it was only when our family got involved in the Charismatic Renewal that “religious” things became more meaningful for us.

Now that I’m a parent myself, it’s my hope that our kids will look at our Catholic faith as not “just a religious obligation,” but something that is part and parcel of who we are and what we do.

That’s why we try to live the liturgical year, inspired by other Catholic homeschooling families, especially those in the U.S. Part of living the liturgical year is making occasions like All Saints’ Day special for our children. {Read more on how we celebrate All Saints’ Day over at The Learning Basketthanks!} 

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October 31 is known all around the world as Halloween, a day for trick-or-treating, dressing up in scary or silly costumes and everything-in-between, and, generally, for having fun.

In fact, most, if not all, parents probably look forward to celebrating Halloween with their kids, and many of you reading this have probably already joined trick-or-treat events during the past weekend.

However, many of us may not be aware that there is a deeper, darker side to Halloween. According to the Church of Satan website, it is actually one of the holidays that satanists celebrate. To quote:

“Halloween, October 31, is the Fall climax and may be celebrated as a time when one’s inner self might be explored through the use of a costume… We see this holiday as the night when the mundane folk try to reach down inside and touch the ‘darkness’ which for Satanists is a daily mode of existence.”

{Read about how some satanists celebrate Halloween — and why our family doesn’t — over at}

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I’m back! I know it’s been ages since my last post here. (Well, in the blogging world, I think 12 days between blog posts is considered “ages”!) I also know I said I’d try to chronicle our homeschooling adventures on a daily basis but obviously that hasn’t been happening, for many different reasons.

Mostly, it’s because I have been busy with work and, umm… homeschooling. Ha, ha! Not to mention the routine chores, etc. So I guess, in a way, and by default, I’m back to slow blogging then.

The month of October is flying by all too quickly… After I got sick and recovered, it was my husband’s turn to get sick. And then two out of our three kids. And now, it’s me again. I realize that it’s all probably because I/we have not been being true to my One Word for this year. Unhealthy eating and sleeping habits have taken their toll on me (and I guess, my family too)! I am re-committed to correcting that now though. Lord, help me!

In between being busy and sick, we also celebrated our eldest’s 8th birthday with a (last-minute) surprise party! Wow, time really flies!

tim's bday

I want to thank Max’s Restaurant for their great service — particularly their Scout Tuazon branch. You see, we had less than a week to prepare for the party (toldja it was last minute!), and they really helped us get everything ready. Since our guests were limited to immediate family and Tim’s godparents, we just opted to rent one of the function rooms and order from their set menus. We had a blast! (And no, this is NOT a sponsored post for Max’s! :) )

So anyway, I’d also like to invite you all to two awesome events happening this week: the SALAMAT NANAY Art Exhibit on October 23, and the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo on October 25.

SALAMAT NANAY Art Exhibit nanay

Here is more information about the exhibit, from our children’s art teacher, Dindi Manlapaz’s website: [click to continue…]

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I’ve been ‘silent’ here for the past few days because I got sick, we were busy celebrating my mom’s birthday, and then Anne’s cough got worse, which meant ‘unlilatch’ time for the both of us!

Anyway, I’m writing this quick post to share with you some activities I’ve listed down in an attempt to prepare the kids for the lunar eclipse happening TONIGHT!

Photo credits to

Photo credits to

Sadly, the kids aren’t here now (they’re at my parents’ place — this post explains why) but I sent my mom an email with the following activities:

1. Read a book/books about the solar system.

I asked my mom to look for my brother’s I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle book in their collection at home. If you don’t have an astronomy-related book, you can read this (aloud or have your child read it):
You might want to read this fictional short story about a lunar eclipse too:

2. Watch these videos about lunar eclipses:

3. Do a simple experiment.

Try to simulate the lunar eclipse using 2 balls and a flashlight. Or try this experiment.
 If that’s too hard, just play/experiment with shadows in a dark room! :)
Explore Sandbox actually has a wonderful “sandbox” about “The Night Sky” — it has LOTS of great activities that your kids can do to learn more about the night sky, including different phases of the moon. We received a box recently and I’ll write about our experience soon!
Screen shot from the Explore Sandbox website

Screen shot from the Explore Sandbox website

Don’t forget to mention that it is God who created everything, including the sun, moon, earth, etc.! :) You can even read the Story of Creation in your Bible. Instant religion/Bible lesson! :)

So that’s it! I also asked my mom to have Tim write a short paragraph about the eclipse on his blog, after they’ve seen it. :) Let’s all pray for good weather tonight!

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