Yesterday, September 15, was the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. It was indeed a sorrowful day for me, because I had yet another ‘mommy meltdown.’ *sighs*

This parenting thing is truly challenging, and — in the spirit of keeping it real here and in the hope of giving you some encouragement — I just want you to know that, if you’re facing a difficult day and feel like throwing in the towel, (1) don’t do it and (2) know that you are not alone.

It may actually surprise you but I’d like to believe that even Our Blessed Mother herself must have had difficult days. (Of course, compared to me, she might have handled things A LOT better. I don’t think she ever became a “monster mama,” do you?!)

Still, life as the mother of Jesus — the Son of God Himself — must have been very challenging, to say the least. The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows is there to remind us of that.

That’s why I shared a bit about what we can learn from Mama Mary, particularly as Our Lady of Sorrows, in my monthly post on

I’m going to head on over there right now, to remind myself of what I wrote! Care to join me? Just click on the image below — and if you want, come back here so we can “talk” to each other about the lessons we can learn from Mary in the comments! :)

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“I’ve been working from home fulltime for almost a year now. Prior to giving birth to our youngest child last year, I was already working from home part-time, reporting to the office only twice a week.

I count myself truly blessed to have the current set-up I have now — balancing freelance writing/editing jobs, and PR and social media-related tasks (all from the comfort of our small but cozy apartment) while being a hands-on, household helper-less mom to our three kids, two of whom I homeschool. I know many moms would love to be able to stay/work at home while dedicating most of their time to their children, but can’t do so for one reason or another. I know they’d probably trade places with me if they could.”

Indeed, being a homeschooling WAHM without a helper/yaya (something that may be considered “strange” in our country!) has its own set of challenges. Read about how I “manage” things (or try to, ha, ha!), and get tips on “how to make a living while making a home” on Make It Blissful. Then come back here, and let’s talk about what “It Takes a Village” means for you! :)

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One fine morning, a few weeks ago, I took our youngest child with me to a quaint neighborhood cafe for her very first photo shoot. She was to “model” a line of organic clothing, namely Kate Quinn Organics — a U.S. brand that features products made from certified organic cotton grown using sustainable farming practices.

Locally, the brand is available at A.Ka Shop, which is an online boutique of eco-friendly baby and toddler clothes. I love how soft the Kate Quinn onesie and blanket we got from A.Ka are — plus, they look oh-so-stylish too!

Below is a peek at how Anne looks in the onesie (Photo credits to Martine. Please forgive my “wet hair” look! :) Ha, ha!).

Screen shot taken from :)

Screen shot taken from :)

To view more photos, and to find out more about Kate Quinn Organics and A.Ka Shop, do head over to the full feature on Make It Blissful!

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All homeschooling moms would probably agree with me when I say that teaching our children can be quite challenging at times. One thing I’ve learned over the years (which are not that many yet, I know) is that I need to be more flexible with my methods.

For example, my two older kids love making up their own stories. However, one of them doesn’t like to write (meaning practice writing) and the other is still learning how to write. This should not stop us, though, from documenting their thoughts and made-up stories. Usually, I try to write down their stories for them, or type them up on the computer. Sometimes, I let them make videos or audio recordings of themselves.

It was only recently though that I thought of helping my son set up a blog. I was actually inspired by fellow homeschooler Carissa’s son, who — at 7 years old — has his own blog. I thought that it would be a good way for our son to express his thoughts and get into the habit of writing, without having to convince him to physically write. (Am I the only homeschooling mom who struggles with getting handwriting practice done?! Please, please tell me that I’m not!) [click to continue…]

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I’ve heard people say that being a parent means having an “extension of your heart” outside of yourself. Isn’t that so true?! Aside from all our other roles and responsibilities, we worry about our children’s diet, skin care, physical health, social and mental development… the list goes on and on! (In the case of homeschooling moms like me, we also worry about whether our children are learning what they’re “supposed” to be learning, etc. etc.!)

With so many other things to be concerned about, it helps to be knowledgeable on the everyday dangers that our children may be exposed to, and how to protect them. Educating ourselves can help us make informed choices for the benefit of our little ones. After all, “knowledge is power,” as they say, and ignorance is not an excuse!

Learn all you can at “Safety Zone” and support Children’s Hour, too!

This is why I’d like to invite you to “Safety Zone”, a community charity event brought to you by Babyland Baby Stores and Halo SleepSack Philippines.   In celebration of Baby Safety Month this September, “Safety Zone” brings together all the trusted brands that help safeguard your child. This charity event aims to educate guests on what every parent must know to keep your child safe, while raising funds in support of Children’s Hour. [click to continue…]

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