It is Black Saturday as I write this. Yes, I’m back after having said goodbye to you all a while back. Thank you to everyone who left comments on that post, and who also told me elsewhere that my writing matters.

I did not (and still don’t) actively seek affirmation for this blog but somehow, God always finds a way of ‘pulling me back’ to blogging, by using other people to encourage me to do so. So… THANK YOU, dear readers (yes, even the ‘silent lurkers’ out there! :) ), for sticking around.

These past 12 days have flown by in a blurred flurry and, sadly, I don’t think I was able to accomplish what I meant to when I wrote my ‘goodbye of sorts’ post, i.e. to “try to make the most of what’s left of the Lenten season — to give more time to God and my family, especially the kids.”

Sad but true.

It’s been a different Holy Week for us this year — with the kids spending most of it with my parents (and me trying to catch up on deadlines.) We will be reunited again later though, and will be spending Easter Sunday at the Grand Easter Feast at the SM MOA Arena.

My attempt to do all the things I had planned for Lent and Holy Week was, sadly, a ‘fail’ too. I feel like I have failed God and my kids actually. Sometimes I actually feel like I’m going through a ‘dark night of the soul‘ of sorts.

On the outside (and on this blog), it may seem like I’ve ‘got it all together’ but I don’t. And that pains me, saddens me, tortures me. Sometimes, I feel like such a hypocrite actually, which is probably why I considered stopping blogging altogether. How can I encourage and/or inspire others to be ‘truly rich’ in what matters most when I myself am still not entirely there yet?

But then I remember what happened… in the still of the night… the dark ‘night’ that seemed to envelop the world over 2,000 years ago after Jesus — our Lord, our King, our Savior — was crucified and died, and then laid in the tomb…


In the still of the night… God was working.

In the still of my nightGod is working.

In the still of your night… God is working too.

And that, my friends, is why I’m continuing this journey. This blog. This ‘ministry’ of sorts through my writing and sharing of my life.

Just as the glory of Christ’s Resurrection brought light, true light, into the world, dispelling all the darkness of the night, so shall it, so shall He — Jesus Himself — dispel all the darkness in my soul and in my life. I am a work in progress and so are you. This journey, our journey (because you have chosen to ‘stick around’) is just beginning. Praise God for that!

Now, before I go, let me invite you to do two things:

1. Join us at the Grand Easter Feast tomorrow, Easter Sunday! I’ll be the one in a blue and white dress, with a baby in a sling and 2 kids at my side. ;) (Anthony will be ‘running around’ as he’s part of the team leading the event so I might be alone for the most part!) If you are able to go and you see me, please do say ‘Hi!’


2. Leave a comment and let me know what YOU want from this space. What kind of posts do you want to read? Do you want more posts on how to enrich your faith? Your family life? Your self? Or even your finances?  (I’m thinking of ‘renovating’ for a higher purpose, and would love to read your thoughts!) If you don’t want to leave a comment, that’s OK. But please do if you can. :)

Thank you again for not going anywhere while I took a ‘leave’ of sorts! Please do consider my invitation above, OK? Oh, and watch out for the next 50 Days of Amazing Grace series — starting tomorrow! God bless you!

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It’s been 9 days since my last post here! And exactly 20 days (!) since I last wrote about what we do every day, mostly in our homeschool. *gasp* So many things have happened and I don’t even know how to begin sharing them with you all!

So I won’t.

Yup… you read that right!

As much as I’d love to tell you about everything that has happened these past few weeks, I’m not going to… well, at least not in detail.

That’s because I realized something lately… I’d rather spend my time “being” than blogging.

“Being” a fulltime work-at-home homeschooling mom that is. Plus a supportive and caring wife of course.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love blogging too. I like sharing things with you, my dear readers (even if most of the time I wonder if I even have loyal readers out there!). As I’ve written before, this blog and everywhere else my writing appears is, in a way, my ‘mission field.’ I blog, I write because I hope to inspire at least one person out there to be rich in what matters most.

However, I also realize that blogging, writing and balancing everything else on my plate is not helping me so much in the “being” part of my life.

When Lent began this year, I encouraged all of us, myself included, to do all we can to keep the love alive — the love for God and for others. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve been doing a good job at it.

Palm Sunday is this Sunday already, and Holy Week is fast approaching. Our Jesus Tree is still empty, and the recycled prayer chains that were supposed to be part of our Lenten countdown still remain in their basket. We’ve been neglecting our daily decade of the Rosary and I’ve been short-tempered again, even if I vowed not to be so after my last Confession 2 weeks ago.

It seems that I’ve ‘failed’ at making Lent more meaningful — for myself and for my family.

Thankfully though, it’s NEVER too late to try to make amends.

I thank God for second chances. I also thank Him for the chance to just “be” with my family these past 20 days. I also look forward to more days of “being” — and promise to be more intentional, more purposeful, more present in the coming days — especially with our kids.

Before I go (and possibly ‘hibernate’ again for a while), let me share with you a few snapshots of what I/we have been up to (see, I told you I like sharing things with you!):

The week of March 17 to 23

Tim started "working" so he could save money to "buy Legos" and "give to the Church."

Tim started “working” so he could save money to “buy Legos” and “give to the Church.”

We went on a "field trip" to St. Joseph Shrine, in honor of St. Joseph's Feast Day on March 19 — and were able to attend Mass and see the procession!

We went on a “field trip” to St. Joseph Shrine, in honor of St. Joseph’s Feast Day on March 19 — and were able to attend Mass and see the procession!

I attended Catholic Filipino Academy's Moving Up/Graduation Day, to document it for their newsletter. So blessed to serve with these people! :)

I attended Catholic Filipino Academy’s Moving Up/Graduation Day, to document it for their newsletter. So blessed to serve with these people! :)

We joined The Mind Museum's Media Family Day — this deserves a different post altogether! Needless to say, we really enjoyed this fun 'family field trip'! :)

We joined The Mind Museum’s Media Family Day — this deserves a different post altogether! Needless to say, we really enjoyed this fun ‘family field trip’! :)

tmm-2 tmm

The week of March 24 to 30

My first article in Mothers Magazine came out!


I gave a seminar on “The 5 P’s of Powerful Parenting” in Batangas — and the whole family came along too! So it was kind of like a field trip for the kids! It was also my first time to speak again by myself after giving birth to Anne!


It was really nice to see this altar at the PhilHealth office in Batangas!


The enthusiastic audience at the Parenting Seminar :)

Another “field trip” that week was to the Phil Post branch in Ali Mall — Tim was finally able to send his letter to his pen pal in the U.S.!

plhpost-2 phlpost

Of course, there’s always time for playing with blocks and other open-ended toys!


The week of March 31 to April 6

We continued our ‘lessons’ in preparation for our trip to Boracay — a HUGE blessing given to not just our family, but to the families of 234(!!!) other employees of Bo Sanchez’s ministries and organizations.

boraprepsOf course, we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our days in Boracay! :) Our homeschoolers also had lots of opportunities to socialize with other people and lots of ‘sensory play’ in the sand and water! Thank you, Kuya/Bro. Bo, for your generosity!

bora bora-4 bora-3 bora-2

Photo from Bro. Bo Sanchez's Official Facebook page

Photo from Bro. Bo Sanchez’s Official Facebook page

Of course, when we got back, the ‘realities’ of my life as a work-at-home mom ‘hit’ me right away — I have a mountain of laundry downstairs waiting for me as I type this! Thank God the clothes are already clean though, thanks to my husband. Now I just need to ‘recruit’ the kids into helping me fold and keep them!

Besides our Boracay trip, the highlight of last week was yesterday’s tea party and photo shoot with my fellow Make It Blissful contributors. It was a milestone for me because it was the first time EVER for me to go somewhere without a baby “attached” to me! I had fun chatting with the other #blissmakers there, and the crepes at La Creperie were delish!!! (Special thanks, by the way, to my sister-in-law for my hair and makeup! Teehee!)


Photo c/o Martine of and (Standing, L to R: Denise of, Martine, Maricel of, Ginger of, Mariel of Seated, L to R: Moi, Marilen of, Van of, Toni of, Louise of and Rhiza of


Photo c/o Louise of (Clockwise from L to R: Denise of, Mariel of, Van of, Martine of, Me, Louise)


I split this SUPER yummy “The Spoiled Mummy” crepe with Ginger — and almost regret that I did, because I would have loved to have had it all to myself! Ha, ha! :)

Now that I’ve given you a peek at what my life’s been like lately, it’s time to say “goodbye” — but not forever, of course! With Holy Week coming up very soon, I want to try to make the most of what’s left of the Lenten season — to give more time to God and my family, especially the kids. Even if I’m home with them almost all the time, I know I am not ‘all there’ every time we’re together. Work is also taking up a lot of time, but hopefully things will ease up by May.

And so, dear friends, allow me to bid you farewell for now. I’ll still be around elsewhere — specifically here, herehere and here, so feel free to ‘drop by’ in case you miss my writing. ;) Of course, you can still connect with me on FacebookTwitter and Google+ if you want to! I shall miss you all and will be lifting you all up in prayer. Please pray for me too as I want to focus on “being”!

So what have YOU been up to lately? I’d really, really love to know. If you’re a regular reader here, THANK YOU for staying around — and please, do leave a comment. If you’re new to my blog, WELCOME and don’t worry — I’ll be back! ;)

*Linking up to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Conversion Diary (even if this wasn’t written in the 7 Quick Takes format!).


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As I mentioned in my last post, I have been elsewhere virtually this past week. I’ll share the links to my articles and posts on other sites at the bottom of this post, in case you want to read them. In the meantime, let me share the following excerpt from my first post on Make It Blissful:

Let me begin this post with a confession: I don’t like my husband all the time. In fact, on some days — days that have been extra challenging — I find myself wondering, “How in the world did we ever end up together?”

Okay… there, I’ve said it.

Thankfully, those days are few and far between now. After being married for seven years, I know that moments like those are fleeting and I know now how to handle those thoughts. There are many “strategies” laid out by marriage and relationship experts on how to deal with difficulties with your spouse but I always find myself coming back to this: prayer.

Read my entire post about The Power of a Praying Wife here and feel free to answer this question, “Do you pray for your husband?” in the comments! Or just share about how prayer has helped your marriage. :)

P.S. Elsewhere on the Web these past 8 days, I was over at Smart Parenting’s website sharing tips to foster openness with your kids; on with an old but still timely post on decorating for Lent; on sharing about the inspiring young people behind the Noche Buena and Start Again projects; on editing useful articles for parents, and helping tweak Catholic Filipino Academy’s website — won’t you drop by and take a look? :)


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It’s been a busy, busy week and it seems that the days ahead will be even busier — which explains the lack of posts here! I’ve ‘been’ elsewhere on the Web though (more on that later). I just wanted to share about this great back to back Parent Seminar organized by Mathemagis and The Learning Library:

mmThey had the first run of the seminar last week, and this week’s run (tomorrow!) will be at the Mathemagis Katipunan branch. I’ve written about Mathemagis on before and the kids and I really enjoyed our time at their Katipunan branch.


I also learned a lot from The Learning Library and The Learning Basket’s seminar on how to make reading and effective and lasting habit 2 years ago. We also visited The Learning Library’s branch in Katipunan.

llThat’s why I’m sure those of you who will be attending the FREE parent seminar tomorrow will learn a lot too — the people from Mathemagis and The Learning Library really know their stuff! :) Here are the details again:

Date: March 29, 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 9.30-11.30am

Venue: Unit 529, Elizabeth Hall, Katipunan, QC

Admission is free but pre-registration is required. Please text 0932-8425551.


I’m happy to announce that our friends from The Learning Library are giving away a gift certificate to a blessed Truly Rich Mom reader! :) Please read on for more details:


*There will only be ONE (1) winner. The winner will receive a gift certificate for a one month program (worth P4,800) in Reading or Filipino.

*The Learning Library’s Summer Programs will run from March 31 – May 2.  The winners can choose which workshop they want their kid to join in and also which venue he/she will go to. (Here’s the list of The Learning Library’s Summer 2014 programs and venues.)

*Please take note that the Summer Programs are for children ages 3 to 16 years old.

*The giveaway is open to Metro Manila residents only, or those who are willing to travel to Metro Manila for the Summer Program.

*The winner will be notified via email and will then coordinate directly with The Learning Library branch of their choice regarding his/her child’s slot in their Summer Program.

*To join the giveaway, please follow the instructions via the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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If you’re active online (and you most probably are), you’ve probably already seen this video of Suor Cristina i.e. Sister Cristina Scuccia on The Voice Italy. She wowed all four judges and the audience with her rendition of Alicia Keys’ track “No One,” and even brought one judge to tears! If you haven’t seen the video, here it is: (And you MUST see the judges interview her after her performance — for English subtitles, make sure the “Captions” setting is “On” — if you can’t find it below, watch the video on YouTube):

I was in tears after watching the video actually… Sister Cristina’s energy and joy is SO inspiring! I love what she said, too, about why she auditioned for The Voice:

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 5.49.13 AM

“I have a gift and I am giving it to you… shouldn’t it be this way?” I don’t know how accurate the subtitles/captions on YouTube are but in this article, it says her reply was:

“I came here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift, I am here to evangelize.”

When she was asked what the Vatican had to say about her auditioning for the voice, she gamely answered:

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 5.55.36 AM

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 5.56.35 AM Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 5.57.00 AM

This may be just the idealist in me speaking, but I think all the judges and everyone watching the show were moved by Sister Cristina’s performance and her answers to the judges’ questions. I know I was! (And still am!) This is the New Evangelization at work!

You know what’s even more inspiring? Sister Cristina used to not be a believer! In this article on Liberty Voice, it says:

The Voice of Italy’s biography of Sister Scuccia says that she had always wanted to become a singer, that it was her “childhood dream.” As of 2008, Sister Cristina Scuccia was a “non-believer, and against the Church.”

Cristina Scuccia, seemingly by chance, found herself in a music hall which the Sisters of the Ursuline Holy Order had organized. While in attendance there, Cristina felt moved by the Spirit of God, and that led to her decision to become a nun.

Our takeaway from all of this:

You have a gift and God wants you to use it. Sometimes, He will speak to you about it in the strangest places, just to get His message across. When He does, your life will probably never be the same again.

As it says in 1 Peter 4:10:

As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

So this week and beyond.. I urge you, dear friend… GO! Use your God-given gift! Don’t be afraid of what the world will say — God will lead you every step of the way!

Thank you, Sister Cristina, for reminding us of the real reason why we’re here on Earth. :)  

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