As you may (or may not, harhar) know, our second child is already of Kindergarten age (she just turned 5 last month). While I’m not one to push for “formal” learning at this age, I do want to expose her every now and then to what other kids her age are (probably) learning in school. Right now, my focus is on teaching her phonics (or letting her learn them through the Leapfrog DVDs we got at an event, ha, ha!) and a few sight words.

I usually let the kids watch 1 to 2 DVDs a day — either LeapFrog videos, saint videos or Christian cartoon videos.

I usually let the kids watch 1 to 2 DVDs a day — either LeapFrog videos, saint videos or Christian cartoon videos.

In my search for “tools” to help me teach my five-year-old sight words, I came across a few cool websites. At first I thought of creating my own flashcards, so I googled “create your own flashcards.” Among the top search results was, but apparently it’s more appropriate for older students (think high school to college). I still bookmarked it though, because I discovered that it has Filipino flashcards (and we all know that we need all the Filipino resources that we can get, right?!).

But then I changed my mind about creating my own flashcards because I knew that there are A TON of free websites that offer free printable flashcards. Here are a few that I’ll be checking out in more detail in the next few days (Lord, help me! ;) ): — These have 25 sight words (see screen shot below) and the cards are made with 3 different fonts: a regular font, dotted lines and a bubble font.

Screen shot 2014-08-24 at 3.12.29 — This page has 4 sets of flashcards featuring Dolch Sight Words for Kindergarten. — This has Dolch Sight Words printable flashcards AND fun game ideas for using the cards. (I think I like this site the most! It has a fun, visually-appealing design — look how “pretty” the screen shot below is!)

Screen shot from

Screen shot from

Now, the question is: When will I find the time to look at all of these thoroughly and print what I need to print for now? Ha, ha!

Whatever the case may be, I hope you found these links helpful! :) You don’t have to be a homeschooler to make use of these, of course! (Incidentally, if you are a homeschooler, or thinking of becoming one, please do join us on September 6!)

Do you know of other useful websites for teaching 5-year-olds to read? Do share them in the comments! :)


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Whenever people email me or send me Facebook messages inquiring about homeschooling, I always give them a ‘disclaimer’ first before replying to their queries — I am not an ‘expert’ on homeschooling, nor do I claim to be one, even if we have appeared on TV before to talk about homeschooling. ;)

Even if I consider our family to be homeschoolers “since birth” now, after coming to realize it a few years ago, there is still a lot to learn. Every homeschooling day does not look the same in our family. This is actually not what a typical day looks like for us lately.

Also, we are not “hard core”/”purist” homeschoolers — we submit to God’s will and plan for our family, and take things one day at a time, one season at a time, trying to remember the heart of our homeschooling and our top 5 reasons for homeschooling.

Will we homeschool all the way till high school? I don’t know.

Will we enroll in a locally accredited homeschool provider, or remain to be independent homeschoolers? I don’t know (yet — we’re actively discerning this now!).

Are we truly giving our kids the best education that they need and deserve, even if there are days when we are ‘unschoolish’ or even (*gasp*) ‘nonschoolish? I truly hope so.

These are just some of the questions we currently face as homeschooling parents… which is why I am TOTALLY psyched for the upcoming Educating for Life: Homeschooling with Passion, Purpose and Confidence Conference!

Homeschooling poster_as of August 13, 2014

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I know that for many of us homeschoolers in the Philippines, school already started in June. (This applies to non-homeschoolers too, for that matter). However, there are quite a number of us — present company included — who have yet to begin a new school year.

Actually, we sort of homeschool year-round, given that there are days (sometimes even weeks! *gasp!*) when we don’t have “formal” lessons. Officially though, we usually start our homeschool year in September.

Well, whether you’re a homeschooler who homeschools year round, or are just about to start, or have just started, I’m sure you’ll want to join this Back to {Home} School Giveaway, brought to you by! :) Keep reading to know the details! (IMPORTANT NOTE: This giveaway is open only to readers with a U.S. shipping address.) 

Back to {Home} School Grand Prize Pack GIVEAWAY!

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Today, August 7, is the last day of World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2014. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend Hakab Na again this year because of a family thing, but I’m glad I was able to promote it somehow last week in my post about Awesome August Activities for Moms.

Screen shot taken from the WBW website

Screen shot taken from the WBW website

Although WBW 2014 has come to an end, it’s still Breastfeeding Month, so, to “celebrate,” here’s a round-up of my favorite breastfeeding posts (Please don’t mind the formatting and any broken images/links though, since I still haven’t had the time to fix my posts! :( Huhuhu!):

Breastfeeding Is Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-Life and Pro-Poor

Truly Rich Tips: My Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms 

My Thoughts on Extended Breastfeeding

Truly Rich Tips: How to Breastfeed Your Baby in Public

How Breastfeeding Has Made Me a Better Woman

Why I Choose the Best: My Breastfeeding Story

Share the “Good News” About Breastfeeding and Save Children’s Lives

Also, if you want to take part in activities to celebrate National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, please feel free to check out my article on Smart Parenting’s website here. :)

Cheers to us breastfeeding mommas! (And if you’re not a breastfeeding mom, cheers to you, too! ;) I know you have your own reasons for not breastfeeding but hopefully, you’d still share the oh-so-many benefits of breastfeeding with others!)

Happy Breastfeeding Month! :)

Our Lady of La Leche, pray for us!



Prayer of a Mother to Our Lady of La Leche

To You, lovely Lady of La Leche, and to your Divine Son, do I now dedicate this little baby whom our Father in heaven has given me.

Grateful for the trust He has placed in me, I beg you to obtain for me the physical and spiritual graces I need to fulfill my duties at every moment.

Inspire me with the motherly sentiments you felt during your days with the Child Jesus.

Make it possible for me, in imitation of you, O Lady of La Leche, to nurse my child to perfect health.

In all things help me to follow the example which you, as the perfect model of all mothers, have given to me.

Let my family mirror the virtues of your Holy Family of Nazareth.

Finally, I commend to your loving care all the mothers of earth, in whose hands He has entrusted the souls of His little children. Amen.

Prayer Source: Mission of Nombre de Dios and Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche , 27 Ocean Avenue, St. Augustine, Florida 32084, (904) 824-2809 , 1953

Originally found at


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I am still amazed at how God blesses our family in so many ways, including through this little ol’ blog of mine. I recently shared about how grateful I am for all my blog partners, especially those featured for the month of July. One of them, LeapFrog Philippines (under Ban Kee Toys), gave us several LeapFrog products for review, through the kind help of Absolutely Mommy.

Thank you, LeapFrog Philippines! Thank you, Ban Kee Toys!

Thank you, LeapFrog Philippines! Thank you, Ban Kee Toys!

Here is my review of three of the LeapFrog products given to us, all of which are ideal for toddlers like Anne:


LeapFrog Mobile Medical Kit

Of all the three “for baby” LeapFrog toys we got, this is probably the most played with so far. The LeapFrog Mobile Medical Kit comes with four check-up tools, i.e. a stethoscope, an otoscope (for checking the ears!), a thermometer and a syringe. All the tools fit into the ambulance, so it’s easy for kids to bring the kit everywhere, “in case of emergencies”! :)

TRM-Leapfrog Medical Kit small

The Kit is recommended for kids ages 2 years up, but our 1.3 year old also enjoys playing with it, and so does her Ate/Big Sister, as you can see in these photos!

TRM-Leapfrog-2 TRM-Leapfrog-1

When you press the siren on the ambulance, you can hear fun phrases that can help teach your little ones about health and hygiene, plus the ever popular nursery rhyme, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” — this is especially a hit with Anne! Every time she hears it, she starts touching her head and toes (we’re still working on the other body parts! :) )

Rysse, who just turned 5, super enjoys playing with the Kit, too, especially since she was recently given a Doc McStuffins costume! As with many blessings that have come our family’s way, God really has perfect timing!

The thing I like most about the LeapFrog Mobile Medical Kit? You don’t have to turn it “on” to have fun — the ambulance and tools themselves already provide lots of opportunity for pretend play! :)

LeapFrog Sing & Play Farm

TRM-Leapfrog Farm

The LeapFrog Sing & Play Farm is recommended for children ages 6 to 36 months — but that didn’t stop ALL three kids (ages 7 going on 8, 5 and 1+) from playing with it the first time we got it! :)

The Farm has 5 interactive play areas and features 13 different farm animals. Children can turn keys, flip switches and do other activities that can help improve their fine motor skills.

When the Farm is switched on, it has over 50 audio responses, which can help you teach your child animal names and sounds, colors, rhythm, melodies and more. Of course, the classic animal-themed nursery rhymes like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” provide an opportunity for sing-and-dance and finger play fun for your kid as well! :)

leapfrog-the girls

Our girls love playing with each other! :)

Again, like the Mobile Medical Kit, what I like about the LeapFrog Sing & Play Farm is that kids can play with it even when it is switched off. :)

LeapFrog Roll & Go Rocking Horse


Like the Sing & Play Farm, the LeapFrog Roll & Go Rocking Horse is recommended for children ages 6 to 36 months. When it’s switched on, your child can press the saddle to make it light up and to hear different sounds and phrases.

If you hit the horse lightly, it will rock and “sing” songs, among other things. You can also push the horse to make it roll, and encourage your child to chase after it. This would be perfect especially if your little one has just started crawling — great gross motor skills practice!

However, since Anne is already a fast runner walker, she isn’t so interested in playing with the Rocking Horse, so I just might keep it in storage for if and when we have another baby! (Or, maybe I should just do a giveaway here on the blog! ;) What do you think? I’ve thrown away the box though! Oops!)

So there you have it, folks! Stay tuned for my next LeapFrog review — coming soon this August!

To see more LeapFrog products that are available here in the Philippines, check out the LeapFrog Philippines Facebook page, where they usually run promos and post about special offers too! You can also visit to browse LeapFrog products and purchase them online! :)

Have your kids ever used the LeapFrog products mentioned in this review? Or do you have other LeapFrog products to recommend? Come share in the comments!


Disclaimer: I received these products from LeapFrog Philippines for review. All thoughts and opinions are honestly and solely mine. :)

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